Mohs Surgery

In recent years we witness a rise in cases of skin cancer, most of it is due to past sun exposure. Mohs surgery is the best surgical technique in treating skin cancer.It has the lowest recurrent rate and the best healthy tissue preservation.

Dr. Ehud Miller is a Plastic surgeon and a Mohs surgeon. Dr miller graduated from Tel Aviv University Medical school (Israel), specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at the Tel Aviv Sourasky medical center.

He specialized in Mohs surgery at Erasmus medical center, Rotterdam, Holland, considered the leading Mohs center in Europe.

He has performed so far over 10,000 Mohs surgeries!

Dr. Miller will accompany you before, during and after the procedure.

He will make sure tumor is completely removed, and then focus on closing the wound, giving you the best aesthetic and functional results.

About Mohs surgery

Mohs Surgery is a technique to treat skin cancer, that gives the best cure rates as compared to any other method.

Under local anesthesia the tumor is excised with minimal healthy tissue margins.

While the patient waits with a bandage on the surgical site, the tissue is processed to microscope slides. Then, the surgeon examines the slides and can determine weather the tumor has been completely excised.

If the tumor has been completely excised, we can proceed with reconstruction and closure of the wound.

If there is still tumor left, the surgeon can determine it’s location, and perform a second round just where it is needed.

The whole procedure can take one round, two rounds or more. This technique enables us to resect the tumor with great certainty while saving as much healthy tissue as possible.

There is a great advantage when the surgeon is the one reading the slides, and has the best understanding about the exact location and spread of the tumor.

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